There are a range of transportation options, including public transport and taxis.

Public transport:

It is easiest to get around Stockholm by T-Bana (underground/subway/metro). But you could also travel by bus. Keep in mind that you cannot purchase individual ride tickets onboard the buses. It is therefore recommended that you buy a travel card. The same travel card can be used both on the underground and buses. Click here to get the latest information on ticket options, types of travel cards, fares, and where to buy your tickets/travel cards.

Click here for the underground system map.

Click here for the bus map.

Click here for the city map with underground stations, bus stops, taxi stops, and bicycle rental stations.


It is also possible to travel by taxi, which is relatively expensive. There is a number of taxi companies in Stockholm. Taxi can be ordered by phone or at the hotel. Two popular phone numbers are +46 8 15 00 00 and +46 20 20 20 20. There are also some taxi stands in Stockholm where taxis are waiting.

Click here for the information on ordering a taxi.

Click here for the map of taxi stands.


Currently, the operation of Uber is suspended in Stockholm.